Ksenia Alekseeva

Chief translator, coordinator

  • MA in English and German translation studies from the Faculty of foreign languages, Omsk State University, Russia, diploma with honors. The diploma was recognized by the Charles University in Prague
  • Internship at the University of Tübingen, Germany, in order to deepen the practice in translation from German into Russian
  • Intensive course of the Czech language at Charles University in Prague
  • Extensive work experience as a translator of English and German in major Russian companies and as a freelancer since 2009. Great experience in translating texts from the field of marketing, tourism, and construction

Alexey Melnikov

Technical translator, interface localization

  • MS in Machinery and Computer aided design systems from Omsk State Technical University. The diploma was recognized by Czech Technical University in Prague
  • Complementary university course — Translator in professional communications
  • Intensive course of Czech language at the Institute of foreign languages in Prague
  • More than25 years of experience in IT: web development, software and game production, interface design
  • More than10 years of translation practice in the areas of machinery, software and game development, interface localization, etc.