Services Provided

  • Text translation by native speakers at a reasonable price without overpayment to intermediaries
  • Guarantee of quality order processing
  • Translation
  • Revision and proofreading of the translation performed by other contractor (spelling and punctuation check, retaining the meaning and stylistics of the source text)
  • Transcription and translation texts on CD and DVD, audio and video from websites
  • Proofreading of Russian texts
  • Layout in accordance with the source text

Translation Directions

Unlike other translators, we translate only INTO our native language, which ensures high quality of the translated texts. We offer translations from the following languages INTO Russian:

  • English
  • German
  • Czech
  • Slovak

General Fields of Expertise

  • Any general texts: tourism, music, cinema, literature
  • Marketing materials: presentations, advertising, menus, booklets of hotels and restaurants
  • Letters and business correspondence
  • Legal documents: contracts, business conditions, charters, constituent documents, powers of attorney
  • Humanities texts with professional terminology: arts and culture
  • Medical documents: clinical studies, medical reports, indications for use, cosmetics

Technical Fields of Expertise

  • Technical texts with professional terminology: user manuals, operating manuals, technical manuals, drawings, process descriptions
  • Interfaces of computer software, games, and websites, localization of applications