Traditional File Formats

Microsoft Office, Open Office, PDF, plain text

Translation from English to Russian15-20 € (0,06–0,08 € per word)
Translation from German to Russian15-20 € (0,06–0,08 € per word)
Translation from Czech to Russian12-15 € (0,05–0,06 € per word)
Translation frome Slovak to Russian12-15 € (0,05–0,06 € per word)
Proofreading of text in Russian7–9 € (0,03–0,04 € per word)

Other File Formats

Prices for translations in other formats are discussed on an individual basis depending on the work complexity. Let us know which translation you need, and we will send you a price quote.

Important Information

  • The price unit we use is 1 standard page (1800 characters with spaces) of the output text, not of the source text. The translation cost depends on the complexity of the source text. We are not VAT payers. The price includes proofreading of the text after its translation, which ensures high quality of translation and lack of misprints.
  • We offer a wide range of discounts in case of long-term cooperation, for regular customers, and for orders above 50 standard pages.
  • We do not take surcharge for work outside business hours (at night, during the weekends), as well as for urgency. Standard translation speed is about 7-10 standard pages per day. We accept urgent translations with completion time due within 24 hours. We observe strict confidentiality. We offer discounts for regular clients and in case of longer texts.
  • We accept orders on workdays from 8 AM till 8 PM. If you have an urgent order outside our business hours, call us at +420 608 225 860.